Our services also include:
 » Free estimates
 » Same day insulated units
 » Safety glass
 » Screen repairs
 » Storm window repairs
 » Wood sash repairs
 » Plexiglas & Lexan
 » Cabinet door glass
 » Patio doors
 » Store fronts

Screen repairs

Screen ripped or torn? No problem. We stock many different sizes of high quality aluminum screen. Just bring the screen down to the shop and we'll take care of it.


Pet screening

You can also ask about our pet screen. It's a type of screen that dogs and cats can't rip through with their claws. It's a little bit darker, and a lot tougher. It's also more expensive, but sometimes it's worth it in the long run because you won't have to keep replacing the screen in the patio door that the dog keeps clawing through.

When you're in the shop, ask about it and we'll show you the sample of what it looks like and how it won't tear.





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